David Feldt

Digital Innovator. Entrepreneur. Builder. Guide. Proud Father.

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 24 years at the forefront of digital business innovation, helping CEOs embrace digital to transform their business, humanize their brands and elevate their customer experience.

Three questions I'm constantly asked by my corporate clients and that we spend most of our time answering at JazLabs:

  1. Who is the "Uber" of my industry?
  2. How do we compete against it and how much time do we have to do that?
  3. What do we do to grow our digital business and not end up cannibalizing our core legacy business offering?

When I first experienced the Internet over a 300 baud dialup connection in January 1994, I instantly knew that I had unlocked my life's mission and passion.

  • Founded Millennium Technologies in 1994 and helped pioneer the first e-commerce and "interactive" marketing platforms in the automotive, real estate and financial services industries.
  • Continue to work across four continents with global companies and Fortune 500 brands including AT&T, Citibank, Ford, IBM, Nike, BMW, Chrysler and United Airlines, helping explain, craft and build digital businesses with a focus on business transformation, humanizing brands and elevating customer experiences.
  • Built a number of marketing and technology businesses from the ground up.
  • Most recent venture (founded in 2009) is JazLabs, Inc, a digital innovation company.
  • Describe myself as a collaborator, cross-pollinator, experimenter, connector, entrepreneur and builder.
  • Proud father of two children and when I'm not passionately engaged in digital business initiatives, I love spending time with my kids.
  • BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MBA.

Experienced and passionate about

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Mobile App Development