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David Feldt is founder & CEO of JazLabs, Inc, a digital innovation company. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital innovation and disruption since 1994.

David first experienced the Internet over a 300 baud dialup connection and instantly knew that he had unlocked his life's mission and passion. He founded Millennium Technologies in 1994 and helped pioneer the first e-commerce and "interactive" marketing platforms in the automotive, real estate and financial services industries.

He has worked across four continents with global Fortune 500 brands including AT&T, Citibank, Ford, IBM, Nike, BMW, Chrysler and United Airlines, helping explain, craft and build digital businesses with a focus on business transformation, humanizing brands and elevating customer experiences.

He has built a number of marketing and technology businesses from the ground up.

His most recent ventures include JazLabs, Inc (a digital innovation company) and JazLife (a secure and private engagement platform that brings communities to life).

David describes himself as a collaborator, cross-pollinator, experimenter, connector, entrepreneur and builder.

He is a proud father of two children and when he isn’t passionately engaged in digital business initiatives, he loves spending time with his kids.

David has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MBA.

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David has been deeply involved in our efforts to utilize technology to better connect with our customers. His competency with software development coupled with his deep understanding of social interaction has proven critical to our efforts.

James (Jay) Dorris, CEO/President - Wind Creek Hospitality

David understands digital business and e-commerce technically and creatively, and to top it off, he’s a very smart businessman. David’s the proverbial digital triple threat – the only one I know.

Ian Mirlin, Founder, Harrod & Mirlin

I have known David for many years as having been at the forefront of the internet movement from its inception and likewise with the advent of social media. Only recently have I had the joy of working with him professionally. His speed and quality of work are exceptional, but even more important to me has been his way of going far beyond the call of duty to deliver solutions that are optimal for his client. He also has that rare quality of being able to bridge the intimidating chasm between technology jargon and the language of ordinary people like me! Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

My work with David has been as a consultant, and other consultants should be so lucky: to find a partner like David in a leadership role. From my outsider perspective, I’ve found David’s leadership style to be unusually open, collegial, and fearless. He’s deeply and broadly curious about life, thrives on dialogue, loves intellectual and personal engagement and warmly accepts fresh thinking whatever the source. A strong value of his is a healthy and well-balanced life, not just for himself, his family and community, but for those who work for and with him. He exemplifies hard work, big picture thinking, productivity, all those good core leadership qualities, but knows how to realize them in an atmosphere of creativity, fun and,okay, I’ll risk it! – happiness.

Abigail Van Alyn, Owner - Van Alyn Associates

David is a gifted and consummate marketing professional, is an excellent communicator and possessing extraordinary savvy in arena of digital communications.

Barry Kessel, Global CMO - Wunderman

My Blog

Been blogging since 2005! Here are 10 random posts from the past 11 years.

Twestival Toronto

Posted by David Feldt |  01/20/2009

Join us for an historic global event! Get your tickets here! On Thursday, February 12th, Toronto is joining forces with over 107 cities around ...

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Dan Pink's "A Whole New Mind"

Posted by David Feldt |  11/27/2007

I recommended this book to my colleagues over a year ago and I just started re-reading it ... My favorite quote ... ...

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Big Games in Washington Square

Posted by David Feldt |  11/24/2006

' Visited NYC recently or work in the city? Have you ever noticed the myriad of unused and decaying payphones on every block in Manhattan?They are ...

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Lessons learned from my first live Twitter interview

Posted by David Feldt |  05/12/2009

This morning, I participated in my first live interview using Twitter. Ad Lounge interviewed me for 45 minutes and we discussed creativity and ...

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GM cuts ad spending by $600 Million, Online up 19.4+%

Posted by David Feldt |  02/11/2007

AdAge reports on a TNS study today that "GM slashed ad spending by more than $600 million last year, a drop so stunning it should convince even th...

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Human Character, the Final Frontier

Posted by David Feldt |  12/05/2011

I was born in South Africa and left the country in 1984 during the darkest time of Apartheid. When I left, I didn't see any hope for the country. It a...

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Taking vodka to the next Level

Posted by David Feldt |  05/18/2008

Here's a beautiful site for Level Vodka, Absolut's new import into the North American market! I love the aesthetic, the imagery, the content, and the...

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

Posted by David Feldt |  03/26/2008

I'm in Chryslerland ... # ...

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Anti-trust law and the M&A industry

Posted by David Feldt |  01/24/2007

Here's a wonderful 2 minute sarcastic view of the Telco space by the inimitable Stephen Colbert: The big winners are the M&A industry (the likes...

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Taking that leap of faith out of one's comfort zone

Posted by David Feldt |  08/22/2013

I've taken many leaps of faith in my life: Leaving South Africa at the age of 20 to move to London, England. ' I had a few bucks in my pockets...

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