A Personal Tribute to Nelson Mandela


Posted by David Feldt on 12/05/2013

I was born in South Africa and left the country in 1984 during the darkest time of Apartheid.

When I left, I didn’t see any hope for the country. It appeared to be headed for ruin.

Little did I know.

Ten years later, I stood in line for hours with the majority of South Africans as we patiently waited together to cast our vote for Nelson Mandela, who soon would become South Africa’s first democratically elected President.

For me, Nelson Mandela represents the highest level of humankind.

Here is a man who spent 27 years behind bars fighting against the evil of Apartheid and when he emerged from prison to become the President of South Africa in 1994, what did he do?

Instead of pursuing a path of vengeance and retribution (as most people feared and what a lesser man would have chosen), he pursued a path of reconciliation and unity.

His leadership and example actualized one of the most powerful miracles in human history?—?He transformed an entire nation.

I have always marveled at how Mandela, who had gone through so much personal pain, loss and anguish, could rise above it all, become such a powerful leader and force for positive change.

Mandela demonstrated the highest order of authenticity, destiny, mastery, humility, vulnerability, generosity, awareness and wisdom.

He pursued the “heroic path”.

Too many leaders today have tipped the scale in the opposite direction with stories in the news every day about some new scandal, Ponzi scheme or corrupt behavior.

We obviously need more people like Mandela.

People who have the courage, vision and resolve to take the heroic path.

People with similar character traits to help lead us to a better place.

Madiba, you will always be etched in the consciousness of the World.