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The Power of “Less”


I just came across one of my journals from 2006. Flipping through, I found notes I took at the wonderful Gel Conference that I attended in New York City in […]

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“The Great Disconnect” on Public Social Networks


We’ve seen gigantic growth of Facebook fan pages over the years and the top 50 corporate brands on Facebook as of December, 2013 had a collective 1.43 BILLION fans who […]

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A personal tribute to Nelson Mandela

Dec 7, 2013   //   Blog, Humanity, Leadership  //  No Comments

I was born in South Africa and left the country in 1984 during the darkest time of Apartheid. When I left, I didn’t see any hope for the country. It […]

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Taking that leap of faith out of one’s comfort zone

Aug 22, 2013   //   Blog, Innovation, Leadership, Spirituality, Startups, Strategy  //  No Comments

I’ve taken many leaps of faith in my life: Leaving South Africa at the age of 20 to move to London, England.  I had a few bucks in my pockets, […]

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Balancing the Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual Dimensions of Life

Dec 17, 2012   //   Blog, Fitness, Health, Leadership, Spirituality  //  No Comments

Throughout my life I’ve always paid more attention to mental, intellectual and spiritual growth and focused less on physical conditioning / physical health. I played rugby, cricket and tennis at […]

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Is Facebook The Next Netflix?


We are only a few hours away from Facebook’s public IPO and the entire World seems to be talking about the biggest IPO in history. The last I saw, the […]

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“Subliminal Branding”

May 3, 2012   //   Blog, Branding, Innovation, Leadership  //  No Comments

    Here’s a sample of clever branding that verges on being subliminal in nature. 1. Fedex - Do you see the arrow between the “E” and “x”? 2. Amazon - Arrow […]

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Invisible Children : Kony 2012

Mar 7, 2012   //   Blog, Humanity, Leadership, Marketing  //  No Comments

Update: March 15, 2012 – Yes, I’ve seen the mass of negative press about Invisible Children and the #Kony2012 campaign. Regardless of all the criticism, we can all agree that […]

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Apple Stock Going to $1,000?

Mar 1, 2012   //   Blog, Leadership, Markets, Technology  //  1 Comment

Yesterday AAPL’s market cap closed above $500 Billion. It is one of only six companies that have ever flirted with this market capitalization and none have ever maintained this valuation […]

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